First real post

Welcome one and all!

This Blog is dedicated to Bob…  or at least to blaming him.  Now please don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of stuff that occurs that I am the only one to blame.  If I am at fault I will stand up and take the blame and any problems that come with it.

Blaming Bob is all about the little unexpected things in life (some bad and some good).  Having a person (albeit fictitious) to blame somehow seems to ease the pain just a little bit.  By blaming Bob you have somewhere to direct your anger towards, even if you cant kick his butt at the end of the day.

This all started a few years back while on a cruise, to the Bahamas, with a group of friends.  Mr. Bob Anderson was born/created one bright sunny day on the isle of Nassau.   Simply speaking his name the remainder of the cruise was in dedication to a mishap or problem another cruiser had experienced.  Soon enough “Bob” seem to be everywhere causing all sorts of mischief.  This in brief is the starting point for Bob and his adventures into trouble and beyond.

Let me know if you have Bob citing and what that rat did to sully your day!


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